Gretna Family Law Attorney

From divorce to domestic abuse, family matters are notoriously stressful and anxiety-inducing. In the midst of these strong emotions, it is important to work with a Gretna family law attorney who understands your concerns, and desires to secure a favorable resolution.

If you work with Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC, you will enjoy high-quality support from an attorney with an in-depth understanding of family law in Louisiana. Highly respected throughout the New Orleans area, Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC is a wonderful resource to turn to as you resolve stressful family matters and pursue a fresh start.

Types of Family Law Cases

Family law is typically associated with divorce, as many clients seek custody and property division resolutions. With high-quality legal assistance, divorcing spouses can emerge with their families intact. The same holds true for legal separation, which is similar in many respects to divorce.

While divorce and separation constitute the majority of family cases, the practice area is far broader than most people suspect. Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC takes on a variety of other cases, sometimes in the context of divorce and sometimes not. Examples include:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Grandparent rights
  • Adoption
  • Contested parentage
  • Community property

Ideal Qualities in a Gretna Family Law Attorney

A sense of compassion is crucial in family law, as clients deal with incredibly stressful situations and therefore require kindness and understanding. There should never be any question as to whether your family lawyer is on your side; constant support and empathy are essential.

Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC: Compassionate Family Law in Gretna, Louisiana

Your attorney should demonstrate a clear ability to tailor his or her approach to meet your unique needs. For example, if you and your ex intend to resolve your differences through mediation, you need an attorney who will encourage a spirit of cooperation. However, if your case is settled through litigation, a more aggressive stance may prove necessary.

Your current legal situation may seem impossible to resolve, but quality legal support can go a long way. Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC can guide you through all phases of the legal process, helping you arrive at a resolution that benefits both you and your family. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about the services offered at Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC and the law firm’s approach to family matters.

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