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Attorney Tracy Sheppard has been practicing law since 1997. After earning her law degree at Louisiana State University she has engaged in the practice of law representing clients in both civil and criminal litigation.

As a trial attorney, she carefully represents the needs of each client, taking into consideration the facts specific to each case, as well as the existing law in order to assist each client in making decisions which will affect his or her individual case.  No two cases are exactly alike and she recognizes the importance of analyzing each set of circumstances unique to each case.

Criminal Defense

Tracy Sheppard actually had the privilege of representing clients as a state public defender for the first 18 years of her practice, working her way up and taking on tougher and tougher cases. As a public defender, she defended clients charged with traffic and misdemeanor offenses as well as those charged with major felonies including armed robbery and murder.

For almost two decades, Tracy Sheppard has been in the courtroom for most of her career and, as a result, is comfortable taking on virtually any case which may come across her desk.

Domestic Violence

Louisiana Domestic Violence Laws have civil and criminal penalties and provisions. Tracy Sheppard has represented individuals charged with criminal offfenses related to domestic violence such as domestic abuse battery.  In addition, she has assisted civil clients asserting claims of domestic abuse by their spouse or partner as well as clients who are alleged to have abused their spouse or partner.  Generally protective orders are issued in criminal and civil cases and knowledge of the requirements involved with the issuance of these very specific orders is essential. Penalties may include jail time, fines, restrictions implemented upon visitation with children and charges can be filed for violating a protective order.

Tracy Sheppard knows how to analyze the evidence in these cases, whether the client is suffering abuse or the client is accused of perpetrating abuse.  Whatever the case may be, it is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side when domestic violence is an issue.

Family Law

With nineteen years of experience in family law, Tracy Sheppard has handled a vast array of cases, including but not limited to contested and uncontested divorce, custody, parentage, grandparent rights, as well as more sensitive cases involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse.  She recogizes that these issues impact families and children and makes every effort to ease the client through what can be an extremely emotionally challenging process.

Louisiana is a community property state with intricate provisions regarding the rights of spouses as well as the division of assets and liabilities.  Louisiana also allows for one spouse to receive alimony, or spousal support from the other.

Tracy Sheppard is able to assist you with any questions regarding the applicable Louisiana provisions related to family law.

Personal Care for Each Client

Tracy Sheppard insists upon treating each client as she would expect to be treated if she were the client.  She takes an honest and forthright approach when analyzing a case from the initial consultation and throughout the time the matter is pending.  If you select Tracy Glorioso Sheppard, APLC, for your legal needs, you can rest assured that she will provide you with the best possible representation.

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