Tracy G. Sheppard

Attorney Tracy Glorioso Sheppard has been committed to helping her clients to the best of her abilities since she earned her law degree almost 20 years ago. After she graduated in 1997, she worked in a position in a public defender’s office for 18 years. While there, she had the typical caseload of a public defender.

Gretna Attorney Tracy Sheppard worked enthusiastically and sharpened her skills  in the courtroom. She moved her way up steadily, and took on tougher and tougher cases. Starting with misdemeanors, she eventually had clients charged with much more serious crimes, such as robbery and murder.

Courtroom Skills

Because she was a public defender, Criminal Defense Attorney Tracy Sheppard didn’t  just learn the criminal statutes of the crimes. She also had to master the rules of evidence and the rules of courtroom procedure. She dealt with preliminary issues such as motions to suppress and helped choose juries.

While many attorneys are afraid of going to trial and try to avoid it, Gretna Attorney is accustomed to trial. Often the only way to win a case is to force the State to present evidence at trial. Sometimes the case is lacking in evidence and can be dismissed based on that evidence alone, as the Defendant cannot be forced to testify or bring evidence.

But a trial allows the Defense a chance to confront witnesses and question evidence. Criminal Defense Attorney Tracy Sheppard has learned to prepare for detailed, complex trials. She has also been forced to think on her feet as she responds to what she hears and sees in the courtroom.

Negotiating Skills

Public Defenders also spend a great deal of time negotiating. A plea bargain is normally offered to those who have been charged with an offense, as a matter of efficiency. Gretna Attorney Tracy Sheppard knows how to take analyze the case and decide if the offer is fair and reasonable, and how to ask for something better.

Attorney Tracy Sheppard also learned to negotiate better offers on violations and other matters, as a matter of course. Because she is accustomed to working with attorneys, she knows how to calmly deal with an adversarial attorney on the other side. She has learned to work with attorneys to effectively get the best ourcomes for her clients.

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